The Fight Has Just Started XVI

Deputy Presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte: “The passage into law of the Responsible Parenthood Act closes a highly divisive chapter of our history …. At the same time, it opens the possibility of cooperation and reconciliation ….” They don’t get it. The passage into law of the RH bill OPENS a highly divisive chapter in our history. The fight has just started. This cuts both ways. We reject evil and will always fight it. On the other hand, the global RH forces have an agenda for imposing the culture of death throughout the world, and the first step is always contraception. THE RH LAW IS JUST THEIR FIRST STEP. So one can see why cooperation and reconciliation are not possible. A true Catholic cannot cooperate or reconcile with evil.


Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes: “(PNoy’s) conscience will be bothering him day and night because he has planted a moral time bomb in our Catholic country.” How we wish. Indeed he has planted a moral time bomb, but PNoy’s conscience has long ago been disordered. He is pro-RH and has no qualms about it. He is also no longer a practicing Catholic.


Rina Jimenez-David: “Indeed, the new law was never meant to bring down the bishops, much less the institutional Catholic Church.” Let no one be deceived. Global pro-RH forces have the Roman Catholic Church right in their gunsights. Why? Because they have an agenda. They are imposing the culture of death on the world.  What stands in the way are family and faith. And so these need to be destroyed. The Catholic Church is the only strong institution that is totally opposed to that diabolical agenda.


Inquirer Lifestyle headline: “Why the Catholic Church should apologize to Rizal’s mother.” Expect more of such attacks.


God bless the Philippines!