The Fight Has Just Started XVII

Pro-RH media have a knack for unwittingly proclaiming the truth. Today’s Inquirer has as its banner front cover the picture of a giant firecracker (triangulo) called “Goodbye Philippines.” Below the picture are the words: “KILLER FIRECRACKER  Exploding this pyrotechnic, called ‘Goodbye Philippines,’ …. may well mean literally bidding adieu not only to the country but to the world as it can kill.”


That perfectly describes what the new RH law (R.A. 10354) will do. It can kill, and it will kill. It will kill morality, marriage, family, faith. It will kill the unborn through abortifacient contraceptives, and later (God forbid) through legalized abortion. It will kill women through cancers, blood clots and other illnesses caused by contraceptives. It will kill off future generations, and with it, it will kill economic development. It will kill a nation itself, through self-inflicted demographic suicide.


Today the world is already “literally bidding adieu” to such countries as Singapore, Japan and Russia, whose populations are or will be on decline, who are unsuccessful in desperately trying to reverse the trend. Once the contraceptive mentality has firmly sunk in, it is irreversible.


Below the picture of “Goodbye Philippines” is the big picture of PNoy, with an inset of a hand bloodied by a firecracker being treated. This deadly RH firecracker was produced by global RH forces (including the USA, the UN and the EU), but you PNoy accepted it and lit the fuse.


May God have mercy on the Philippines!