The Fight Has Just Started XX

A Star columnist said about the RH fight: “These recent actuations …. demonstrated …. leaders who have lost their bearings. Some of them even employed the dirty tricks that we see unscrupulous politicians use to attain their goals–like forwarding lies in the form of text messages. They’ve entered the realm of black propaganda …. Some of these were the most vicious …. They’ve made deals with politicians regardless of the bad reputation of some of these …. Make deals with the devil and your hands eventually get burned.”


Wow! An on-target critique of pro-RH forces? A factual assessment of how evil the acts of pro-RH forces are? Well, no. This is William Esposo criticizing the Catholic Church and her bishops (As I Wreck This Chair, “Are CBCP Bishops conspiring to undermine P-Noy?”).


This is the reality: not only do the pro-RH employ dirty tricks, tell lies, use black propaganda, are vicious in their attacks, deal with bad politicians, and make deals with the devil, but they turn the truth on its head by accusing the pro-lifers of what they (pro-RH) are actually doing. They are expert at manipulating things, making good seem bad and bad seem good. Satan is the father of lies. His pro-RH children follow in his footsteps quite well.


Global pro-RH forces are out to weaken or destroy the Catholic Church. She is their primary target. Not only does Satan hate God and thus His body on earth, but Satan knows only the Catholic Church stands in the way of his diabolical global agenda.


Unfortunately the Catholic Church is being weakened by Catholic dissidents, the enemy within. And she is not being strengthened by her pastors by way of clear teaching for the faithful against the culture of death. The Catholic Church in the western world (Europe and America) made these mistakes and have paid the price. Here in the Philippines the fight has just started. Our loss on the RH bill will be a good thing if it will shock us, especially the hierarchy, into moving strongly with a great sense of urgency.


God bless the Philippines.