The Fight Has Just Started XXII

On page A2 of the Inquirer today, there is the news article entitled “UST cancels forum with pro-RH bets.” Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casino said, “Not only is this a violation of academic freedom but an abridgment of our freedom of speech. We hope the UST administration reconsiders its decision. Schools should be venues of constructive debates, not the stifling of contrary opinions.”


Excuse me. This is a Catholic pontifical university. UST is not the venue for promoting RH or the culture of death. It, as with other Catholic schools, are venues by which the future generation of Catholics are to be raised. At the same time, they are to receive a superior education.


“Academic freedom” has been a mantra of the anti-lifers to bring in every sort of abomination into Catholic schools. There are gay-lesbian clubs that promote its sick lifestyle, because there ought to be diversity and tolerance. Catholic professors can be pro-RH and even atheists and teach things that are contrary to Catholic faith and morals, because students need to be educated in all things. Catholic universities can invite anti-life or gay/lesbian speakers, because they will enrich the learning of students.


Catholic schools, have your priorities right. You are CATHOLIC institutions of learning. The most important thing to learn is about God and His ways. Why will you invite people who will speak against the faith, against family, against life, against morality? It is your right to choose who will be invited to speak before impressionable students. Would you invite someone who will advocate the overthrow of government because of freedom of speech?


Constructive debates featuring opposing sides can be done in other venues, not in Catholic schools.


UST, do NOT reconsider your decision.


God bless the Philippines.