The Fight Has Just Started XXIX: The Gay Thing

Inquirer’s Opinion page today has an article “The gay thing” occupying a whole one-fourth of the page. I am just surprised that the global RH forces are now launching, THIS EARLY, their assault on the culture of life with regards to acceptance of the gay lifestyle. On the heels of their triumph in having the RH bill passed, they immediately launched their bid for the divorce bill. Now suddenly, their bid for “the gay thing.”


I wonder. Perhaps they want to get this passed during PNoy’s remaining 3 years in office. Perhaps Obama is, as expected, becoming even more aggressive in promoting global homosexuality during his second term. The global RH forces know PNoy will resort even to corruption in riding the crest of the tsunami of evil now upon our nation. The time for them is NOW.


The global RH forces are confident and arrogant. They have the money. They have the bought corrupt politicians. They have the overwhelming dark forces of evil. They have the Jesuits.


Sound the trumpets! There is no time to lick our wounds. There should be no naivete in allowing ourselves to be co-opted by PNoy’s call for reconciliation and starting anew. The enemy forces are aggressively at work. Their Trojan Horses are within the city gates. Purge the enemy within! We are in all-out war!


God bless the Philippines!




“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21)