The Fight Has Just Started XXV

An article in today’s Philippine Star by Aurea Calica is entitled “Palace serious in mending fences with Church.” It says “Malacanang …. is serious in its efforts to reconcile with the leaders of the Catholic Church after the dispute over the controversial RH Law.” PCOO Secretary Herminio Coloma said “the divisiveness should end now that the measure would be implemented to help people plan their families and promote reproductive health.”


Coloma just gave the reasons why pro-lifers can NEVER accept the RH law or collaborate with pro-RH advocates. “To help people plan their families” is a euphemism for population control. “Reproductive health” is a euphemism for abortion. Just look at NSSM 200, by which the USA mounted a covert operation to reduce population growth through birth control in 13 countries including the Philippines. Just ask Hillary Clinton, who says unequivocally that “reproductive health is abortion.” By the way, PNoy just awarded her the Legion of Honor.


Palace wants to mend fences? Now that is a euphemism for co-opting the Church. That is like darkness wanting to take over and extinguish light. That is like evil overwhelming good. How can we even talk of mending fences when it is a wide and deep chasm that separates us?


Coloma talks of “crafting public policies that will improve the nation.” That is precisely it. RH will not improve the nation but destroy it. It will promote sexual licentiousness, weaken marriage and family, break down morality in society, pave the way to legalized abortion and same-sex unions, assault religious freedom. THIS IS WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY THE WESTERN WORLD. RH is a deliberate, calculated, persistent agenda of the powers-that-be — the depopulationists, the Modernists, the cultural Marxists, the contraceptive imperialists, the secular hedonists. Its agenda is diabolical. Behind it all is Satan.


Can the holy Roman Catholic Church mend fences or reconcile with that? On the contrary, those who love and serve Christ will resist the RH tsunami of evil with all their being, even to the point of giving their lives. Indeed, the fight has just started.


God bless the Philippines!




“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21)