The Fight Has Just Started XXVI

In the January 18 Star and Inquirer, there is the article “RH law comes too late for mother of 22” (Star front page), and “RH law takes effect; too late for mother of 22” (Inquirer inside page, highlighted). The article has no byline as to who wrote it, and the basic content of both articles is the same. It is obvious it was provided by pro-RH, and liberal media cooperated.


I thought the pro-RH keeps saying the issue is over and it is time to unite? Well, this just says that for the pro-RH, the fight has just started. Their diabolical agenda has just gotten to first base.


What this further says is this, and this is important: advancing the pro-RH diabolical agenda includes social re-engineering, an overturning of traditional values, a cultural re-orientation. Pro-RH intends to radically change how people think so as to be able to accept contraception, valueless sex education, divorce, abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage. In doing so, they have to destroy faith and family, or at least to re-design these according to their intent. Thus pro-RH promotes licentious sex, especially among the young, even with children. Pro-RH will push divorce. Pro-RH will intensify its assault on the Roman Catholic Church.


And so we come to the article on Rosalie Cabenan, who at 48 has 22 children and lives in Baseco, described as a massive slum compound in Tondo, where 60,000 people compete for space. She is presented as “frail, with a leathery face streaked with wrinkles, suffers from untreated gallstones and constant fatigue ….” Do you get the picture: many children, sick, slum, overcrowded? Would YOU want to be in such a situation? I do sympathize with Rosalie, but how many mothers do you know today who have 22 children? How about 15 children? How about 10? Even among the very poor? The point is that pro-RH ALWAYS looks for the exception, and presents it as the rule. To advance abortion they point to cases of rape or incest, when only an infinitesimal number of abortions was for women who were raped.


“Proponents say the law will slow the country’s rapid population growth, cut widespread poverty and reduce the number of mothers dying at childbirth.” All these are distortions. (1) Our country’s fertility rate is now just above replacement level. It is NOT in the interest of the nation to further slow down our population growth. (2) RH will NOT cut widespread poverty, for as long as there is massive corruption in government. In fact, with billions to be released, the RH law will INCREASE corruption. (3) Why are mothers dying at childbirth? Why not use government money to have better maternal care and medical facilities? The problem is pro-RH regards pregnancy as a disease, and blame death at childbirth on the pregnancy, rather then on whatever other factors there were. Their posture is that if you were not pregnant, then you could not possibly die at childbirth, so use contraceptives.


Watch pro-RH use the same twisted reasoning for destroying marriage and family, through divorce and later its corollary, no longer getting married at all. Why get married if you will just divorce? So just cohabit. Than you have children out of wedlock. Then you have cohabiting partners separating, so children are raised by just one parent or neither of the parents. See how it all works? RH is genius …. the diabolical genius of the serpent who was the most cunning of all animals (Gen 3:1).


“This is a triumph for poor women and girls who would otherwise have no access to these things,” said the UNPF’s country representative, Ugochi Daniels. Oh our poor women and girls. Being given disease-causing contraceptives. Being led to lose their virginity at a very young age. Having not much to look at by way of a stable marriage and family life. Being deprived of wonderful children, and more of them. If you were honest, Mr Daniels, what you should say is this: “This is a triumph for pharmaceuticals that will make tons of money and for global anti-life forces that assault faith, family and life.”


By the way, the article was a massive assault on the Catholic Church. At every turn, the Church was being excoriated.


Are you getting a better picture now of the global RH assault? Then you must know, for them and for us, the fight has just started.


God bless the Philippines!




“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21)



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  1. I look at my daughter and remember the time, sweat and tears which went into raising her; to fear the Lord who, alone , is able to direct where the path goes towards family securiry and happiness. The world is so blinded of worldliness which is why its doom has been foretold. We are to gather as many believers as we could before the flood and not feel sad but hopefull of the fullfillment of His Word. Our work continues and we will prevail, if not in this world, then surely in God’s world. For is He not on our side? Who can stand againts Him?

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