The Fight Has Just Started XXVII

“Are these Jesuits still Catholic?” So asks Dr Antonio Montalvan II in his Inquirer Kris-Crossing Mindanao commentary, entitled “Bravo, Rafael Dy-Liacco!” He was extolling Ateneo Theology professor Dy-Liacco, who resigned from the Catholic university because he could no longer accept the Jesuit-led community’s support for the RH bill, manifested in the official and public stand of its 192 professors.


Jesuit universities, especially in the western world and particularly in the USA, are at the forefront of promoting the culture of death, through their acceptance of gay/lesbian groups, invitations to anti-lifers including pro-abortion activists to address their students, professors antagonistic to the Catholic faith, exposure of students to esoteric pagan religions, etc. In the USA, the Jesuit magazine America scolded the US bishops for their opposition to Obamacare. I know some Jesuits who are disdainful of the pope (both John Paul II and Benedict XVI).


Dr Montalvan says, “What is going on in Ateneo seems to be a community that is being taught to espouse a magisterium incongruent with that of the Catholic Church. This is extremely disturbing.” It indeed is extremely distressing to see that the Jesuits, who once were at the forefront of defending the Catholic Church, are now at the forefront of opposing and weakening her. They who were the shock troops of the pope are now among the enemy within. Those who gave a great Catholic education to generations of laypeople now have “made their children openly and ferociously anti-Catholic.” Dr Montalvan says “Ateneo chose compromise with the spirit of animosity against the Church.” Sad but true.


Are Jesuits still Catholic? There are some very good Jesuit priests. But by and large, the Jesuit order globally has become liberal and is no longer truly Catholic. Our local Jesuits and the Ateneo, though not yet as far gone as their western confreres, are going in the same direction.


Dr Dy-Liacco chose to step aside because the Ateneo he loved and served no longer stood uncompromisingly with his Catholic principles and values. I too salute him. But that cannot be the same tack for our Catholic bishops. They cannot just turn aside and be quiet. We are after all in a war, and in this war a main target of the enemy is the Roman Catholic Church. They must confront Ateneo and the Jesuit order and ask: are you with us or against us? The bishops must insist that the Jesuits do what is right — to be obedient to the Magisterium, to truly be Catholic, and thus to be on the side of God.


God bless the Philippines!




“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21)