The Fight Has Just Started XXVIII: P-Noy: Forgive Activist

Inquirer’s big headline today: “P-Noy: Forgive activist.” It referred to the President of the Republic interceding for RH activist Carlos Celdran who had been convicted by the court. Mr President, there are more crucial things for you to address, like the Freedom of Information, the ban on Political Dynasties, and the proliferation of crime and guns. Does this show your bias and misplaced priorities? You would rather let the unborn be killed by abortifacient contraceptives, and let citizens be killed by criminals, and let freedom of information be killed by corrupt politicians, and let democracy be killed by political dynasties, than have this convicted criminal serve his just sentence?


Star: “Celdran decried his conviction for a religious offense as a violation of free speech ….” No, Mr Celdran, you committed a crime and are justly punished. You can speak all you want about what you believe in, but you cannot just disrupt a religious service in a house of worship. Can someone just go into Congress, march into the middle, and shout that the people there are a bunch of crooks? (It is tempting, but would not be right).


Rina Jimenez-David in her At Large “The arrogance of ‘Damaso'” says, “what Celdran was ‘attacking’ was not the Catholic faith itself, nor even the bishops personally. …. did (Catholics) feel their Catholicism attacked?”  Hindi ba personal attack on bishops yung tinuturing silang mga “Damaso”? In reality, the target of the anti-life, pro-RH global forces are indeed faith and especially the Roman Catholic Church, which is the only strong institution standing in the way of their diabolical agenda.


PNoy, Celdran and David represent the three forces that are conspiring to assault faith, family and life, and will be at the forefront of the assault on the Catholic Church. These are a pro-RH government, gay anti-life activists, and liberal media.


But don’t worry, you three. If you continue to have your way, you will have your revenge. Global RH forces are assaulting religious freedom and violating an individual’s conscience throughout the world, preventing prayer in public places, removing crucifixes from offices, forcing nurses to assist at surgical abortions, suing people who refuse to cater to homosexual couples, forcibly taking children away from their homeschooling parents, and so on. In fact, you will be increasingly intolerant and will use the law to arrest, prosecute and jail those who oppose your evil agenda.


PNoy said that after the bishops forgive Celdran, “We can move forward from that time.” Oh, you mean shove the RH law down our throats and endanger the future of our children and our nation, but let the godless, unnatural, anti-life radical go free to continue his diabolical work? Sorry, Mr President, your side started this war. We will defend faith, family and life with all our strength. The fight has just started.


God bless the Philippines.




“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21)



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  1. what if sa SONA ni pnoy ay magpunta ka sa gitna at sumigaw ka ng mga tongresman at senatong kayo! patawarin kaya tayo ni pnoy?

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