The Fight Has Just Started XXXIV: RH Law will HARM Mothers and their Children

Rep Risa Hontiveros, in asking the Supreme Court to lift its status quo ante order against the RH law, said, “Contrary to the allegation of the petitioners, it is the suspension of the implementation of RA 10354 that is likely to cause lasting and permanent harm to a vulnerable segment of our population: mothers and their children.” Either she still doesn’t get it, or she is just being true to form in being deceptive.


It is precisely such RH law that will harm mothers and their children. It will harm mothers because (1) with the increase of sexual licentiousness, their daughters will become sex objects and become more susceptible to unwanted pregnancy as well as STDs, (2) they and other women will suffer the negative physical consequences of contraceptive use, including cancers, (3) their families will be under threat, especially as divorce will not be too far behind, (4) they will be led to abortion, in the use of abortifacient contraceptives, and later, having taken on a contraceptive mentality, to surgical abortion when this is also legalized.


The RH law will harm children because (1) they will lose their innocence prematurely as valueless sex education is imposed on young children, (2) they will be among those who will suffer teenage pregnancy and STDs as sexual activity among the youth increases, (3) the stability of their family life will be under threat, (4) their future in a lifelong stable marriage and family relationship will be less assured.


It is the RH law that will “cause lasting and permanent harm.” Children’s innocence is lost. Virginity is lost. Marriages are destroyed. Families are weakened. STDs and HIV/AIDs and various contraceptive-caused illnesses cause permanent disabilities and even death. Morality and faith are destroyed. The unborn are murdered. The nation will face economic collapse. Demographic suicide caps it all. And of course, an eternity in hell is as permanent as it can be.


The RH law is diabolical. Only Satan rejoices in it. Oh, and yes, the RH forces too, including Hontiveros.


God bless and protect the Philippines.




“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21)