The Fight Has Just Started!

We lost in both houses of Congress today. But the fight has just started. That is not the empty bravado of a sore loser, but a statement of reality. The worst the Church can do now is to say, well, we did our best, so let us just move on. Let me state it again, the fight has just started.


First, the pro-RH forces are not done yet. This is just their opening salvo. The pro-RH forces in the world, led by the US under Obama, together with the EU and the UN, have a well-planned agenda. Their getting contraceptives legalized is just the first step. What will surely follow are abortion, divorce and same-sex marriage. They have great resources they will use–economic, political, even military. They have tasted blood. They will go for the kill.


Second, the Philippines, being among the last few nations standing against the culture of death, is a special target of the enemy. Satan will not stand for the light of Christ flickering in a sea of darkness. We can expect a tsunami of evil to be unleashed against our nation.


Third, the Catholic Church, being the only strong institution standing against the culture of death, is also a special target of Satan. He will try to destroy or at least weaken the Church. There will be assaults on religious freedom. What should be of great concern is the undermining of the faith by the enemy within. These are the dissident theologians, the pro-RH Catholic professors, the clerics who defy the authentic teaching of the Church.


Have no doubt about it …. we are in for the fight of our lives!


What must we do?


First, intensify pro-life education. In parishes and schools. This must be a matter of the utmost urgency. Parish priests should become very knowledgeable about pro-life issues, AND SPEAK CLEARLY AND STRONGLY TO THEIR PARISHIONERS.


Second, clean up our ranks. Reclaim our Catholic universities. Purge our seminaries of rectors and professors not teaching authentic Catholic truth. Bishops and priests seem not willing to confront dissidents in our midst. I tell you, avoiding this is a big mistake. They will continue to undermine our youth and seminarians, and one day we will wake up to see them living far from Catholic truth. Bishops should consider using ecclesiastical penalties of interdict and even excommunication.


Third, intensify evangelization. It is no accident that the call to the New Evangelization has been sounded in this Year of Faith. But how can the Church do rapid and massive evangelization? We must recover principles of Pentecost. Catholics, of whom so many are nominal or lapsed, must meet Christ, live Christ and share Christ. We must mainstream Catholic lay evangelization. We must look to the Holy Spirit, properly understanding His role, and taking on His empowerment.


The fight between the culture of life and the culture of death is the fight of the third millennium. This aspect of our lives as Catholics is the most important issue for the Church. Let us focus our energies on defending faith, family and life.


God bless the Philippines!



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  1. I was at the Batasan lined up to get access but to no avail, so sad all govt officials just carry their functions blindly. They told me the reds are filled up, so they just allow the purples to come in. Certainly, the purples lined up will fight their existence without really understanding what it is their fighting for. Then I decided to just join the many reds repeatingly praying the rosary at the north gate. I know Gods plan covers all that is happening but has better plans for all. I went home really very sad, with all the eforts I gave evry rally on anti RH. I pray that God work wonders for the Philippines, I have Faith in it.

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