The God of the Journey

The God of the Journey

A reflection on the book El Camino de Santiago
By Jocas Javier, CFC FFL Fulltime Worker

As a wise man said, “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost”. In this case, it’s getting lost in God’s grace. This is a reflection about the El Camino De Santiago by Frank Padilla.

The first time I heard about the pilgrimage site that is the El Camino De Santiago at Spain was when I watched the 2010 movie entitled The Way. From then on, I prayed that someday I get to go there as a pilgrim. Then I heard tito Frank had gone there and wrote a book about it, so my heart leaped for joy as I was stoked to read the book, then maybe I could get a glimpse of what is it really like.

I always thought that God really is everywhere and reading the book is a real affirmation, that God really is everywhere. I was so amazed at how you can see God in every little thing that you experience, see, feel, touch, hear and even taste. I was also amazed at how did Tito Frank relate everything in being a servant leader. Must have been the work of the Holy Spirit, well of course it is. It is really enriching, though it is written for those who have been called to be servant leaders, I really think a simple person can get a lot out of it.

Going through the pages I have a few points that I would like to share with you. First off, God is the God of the big things as well as the good things. As a missionary, it really is essential that we are always spiritually sensitive. To see God not only in grand experiences but also to see Him in a smile of a friend. When we do, we will have a positive perspective in all things. We feel more blessed and more passionate in the things that we do. We feel that we can love more and more. Second, God is the God of our battles. He is the God of our victories as well as defeat. Sometimes in life we feel God more when everything is well. But when things go rough, we feel as if we are alone. It is a reminder that He is omnipotent, He is always present. He is there when we are successful in our endeavors and He is also there during most pressing moments, even in knee pain. Thirdly, God is our goal as well as our companion. In our journey in life, we all know that our ultimate destination is heaven, to be with Him. But we must also understand that He is our companion, He is our guide, He is our buddy. That’s how God really desires us to be with Him because He is also the one pointing to Himself.

Doing pilgrimage, entails much suffering but the end of it is worth it. Our journey in life is very much the same, whether you’re a servant leader or just a simple believer. As we continue to embark on our journey, never lose sight of the pearl of great price. Let’s thread on and continue on our way, as long as we have Him we’ll never get lost, though the best way to get lost is in His love.