(Part 43)


July 29, 2014

A true Christian is one who meets (and knows) Christ, lives Christ, and shares Christ. The first step is to meet Jesus, to be introduced to him, to have a personal encounter with him. One way for this to happen is through the scriptures, especially the gospels.

St Jerome says that ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ. How can one meet and know Jesus, and ultimately live and share Christ, if one does not read the Bible? Unfortunately, most Catholic laypeople are ignorant of the Bible.

This is why the Bible is a priority for the work of LCSC. One of the 4 pillars of LCSC is Live the Word, with its focus on the Liturgical Bible Study methodology of getting into the scriptures, especially the gospel. This adapts well to the family setting, engaging even very young children.

The Bible is indispensable to vibrant Christian living. We need to live the word (the Bible) so that we can truly live the Word (live Christ).


Below are some excerpts from Pope Francis’ Angelus address on July 27, 2014

– – – – –

“Look for Jesus, encounter Jesus. This is the great treasure!”
“How many people, how many saints, reading the Gospel with an open heart, have been so struck by Jesus, converted to Him. Think of St. Francis of Assisi. He was already a Christian, but “milk-and-water” [insipid]. When he read the Gospel, in a decisive moment of his youth, he met Jesus, and found the Kingdom of God, and then all his dreams of earthly glory vanished. The Gospel makes one know the real, living Jesus. He addresses your heart and changes your life. So yes, leave everything. You can actually change your way of life, or continue to do what you did before, but you are another, you are born again. You find that you are given meaning, flavour, light to everything, even to hardships, even to suffering, even to death. Read the Gospel, read the Gospel. We’ve said this before, remember? Read a passage of the Gospel every day. Also carry a small copy of the Gospel with us, in your pocket, in your handbag – have one at hand, anyway. And there, reading a passage, we find Jesus.”
“Read the Gospel and find Jesus, and have this Christian joy and the gift of the Holy Spirit.”