The Gospel of Life in Rome

(by Jeff Jordan, CFC FFL Rome)

Our pro-life work is advancing thru the help of the prayers of our brethren in CFCFFL. We in Rome have started to reach out to different communities via marriage enrichment  seminars and parent-youth forums. I dont know, but I think the Lord is calling us to go out and preach the gospel of life. It was in 2010-2011 when we got involved in the family ministry of our chaplaincy, at that time we were asked what we can contribute to the vast work of the chaplaincy. We responded by means of sharing our experiences as couples through the  marriage enrichment seminar (M.E.R). And so in 2010 we were sent to  2 clusters (a cluster is composed of 10-12 filipino communities)  to give  an M.E.R. At first we could not figure out on how to give the MER to the outsiders since its content is basically focused on the CFCFFL members only,So we consulted our spiritual director thru the person of Fr.Rhett Sarabia. He advised us to limit our talks into 3 (MER has 7 talks) since we were given only a day to conduct the seminar thats why we called it marriage enrichment recollection and not  a retreat. He also suggested that we put on more group dynamics so as to help the participants to better understand and assimilate the talks being given.

As a result? We had at the end of activity, husband and wife being reconciled together after  so many years, others have simply rediscovered their love for one another. I remember at the latter part of the session i asked the couples to go out of the seminar hall and go to the garden or to wherever in the vicinity to have a dialogue. My worry at that time was some if not most of them will not be coming back because it was a whole day affair and they have to go back to their jobs. But when the time I gave them to talk was up I saw all of them come back ,some were hugging each other,others were crying and most were holding hands. It was really a sight! We had a similar experience with the parent-youth forum we held in the following weeks after the MER. This early january 2012 I received a lot of requests from different communities to conduct MER’s and Parent-Youth Forums (PYF), the chaplaincy itself has scheduled us for a PYF these coming months to about 39 parents and their children and a parent encounter to around 50 couples.

The reason I’m reporting all these is because first and foremost is that you pray for us and secondly is because it is by these seminars that we were able to share our pro-life principles through the talks that we are giving. I am aware that the devil really hates so much our work for the Gospel of life that is why everytime we have an activity there are so many oppressions! The Lord is calling us in this great work of pro-life! it seems that this is the only Gospel left ( the Gospel of life ) where its followers are heavily mocked,laughed at and persecuted.

My only consolation is what our great Pope John Paul II said in his encyclical EVANGELIUM VITAE;”In this great endeavor to create a new culture of life we are inspired and sustained by the confidence that comes from knowing that the Gospel of Life, like the kingdom of God itself, is growing and producing abundant fruit (Mk4:26-29). There is certainly an enormous disparity between the powerful resources available to the forces promoting the “culture of death” and the means at the disposal of those working for a “culture of life and love”. But we know that we can rely on the help of God,for whom nothing is impossible.( Mt.19:26)”.

Let us continue to pray for one another and pray for our community CFCFFL that she may raise more leaders not only more leaders but good shepherds willing to give his life for the gospel of life.

May the Good Lord bless us always.. Dio e’ vita.

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