The Heart of a Servant

The Heart of a Servant

A reflection on the book El Camino de Santiago by Richele Mendoza, CFC FFL Fulltime Worker. El Camino de Santiago is a book written by our Servant General, Frank Padilla.

Being a servant leader is HARD. It really is rough, tough and plain challenging.  Being called to do the work of God one must be prepared to experience suffering. No, you will not always be recognised or praised; people will let you down; our leaders will fail us; we will feel alone and burdened; we will be persecuted and mocked but who said that our road to glory was ever going to be easy? When you do the authentic work of God, you will surely encounter difficulties and trials, oppression and persecution. God tells us to keep going anyway.

The way to our salvation is always the way of the cross. The crosses that we bear does not compare to the cross that Jesus carried on his way to Golgotha. During this Lenten season and my journey in my Christian life, I’m reminded that my sufferings and my crosses are my way of glorifying God. I should embrace my cross but not let this bring me down.  I should not give up or feel defeated because I know that Jesus conquered death and rose again!

How could I possibly continue if I know the road is going to be hard? The only way is to always be connected to God through prayer and to always keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. I know in my own human weakness and shortcomings I cannot possibly do this work alone. I should rely solely on Jesus and to continue to persevere as his missionary (not only in times of joy but most especially during times when I am hurting or in pain). As Tito Frank stresses “pain is salvific, and essential to our growth to holiness.” God allows for these things to happen to purify us, to bring us to closer to Him and become effective instruments.

The road to heaven will always have rough patches and the terrain will be difficult. This is the path I choose to take- the path of holiness, righteousness, discipleship and Christian perfection. Each day as I wake up, I continue to say yes to God and to allow His will to happen in my life. Why? – Simply because He has been a faithful and loving Father. He continues to transform me and mould me to be the woman he calls me to be.

It is a privilege to be called His servant. I know that I have a long way to go. I may fall down; get off track and even turn away from serving God. However, I must remember and hold on to the fact that God did not make a mistake when He called me to be His servant leader. My eyes should only be focused on Christ, the one who will never disappoint me.