The Inevitable Call

The Inevitable Call

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Jermer Cruz

I am on my eighth year working as a fulltime missionary worker. I had my youth camp way back 2005. Since then, I was unstoppable in serving the Lord through the community of Couples for Christ. The desire to serve the Lord even more started when I became a mission volunteer for YFL. That is where I saw the bigger work that there is a missionary. I would always remember that even before I graduate in my university, I knew I wanted to become a missionary. But my parents wanted me to pursue my career first, and so I did. But the calling never faded. It never went away. I knew I was called to do missions, and it did happen. After working for almost a year as nurse, I asked for my parent’s blessing to work as a missionary. The rest was history.

Reading “Fishers of Men” brought me back to the very reason why I am doing all the things that I am doing right now and that is to share to every person the Good News I heard 12 years ago. I would never forget how my life was changed when I said yes to a life with Jesus Christ. Because someone told me and showed me that kind of life, I knew that I can also live that beautiful kind of life. It made me go back to fervor of my first love.

But there is a new perspective in me when I read the book the second time around, and that is the seven pitfalls of evangelization. Doing this mission work for a long time now makes me more vulnerable to pitfalls, most especially personal comfort. The attitude of “I-already-know-what-to-do” comes a lot. Working functionally with co-workers that have become my good friends can make me less detailed and less excellent with the work that I am assigned to. Fear is also very much present up until now, most especially of rejection. Most of the time, it is me who doubts myself more than anyone else. Questions of “Will people listen to me?” or “Can I give justice to the talk that I will give?” are still loud in my mind every time I am tasked to do so. They are all present and real, maybe because the task I have put on to myself is bigger than me. But it always a great reminder as well that I have my God with me, and that He never leaves me in my missionary journey.

I am more than grateful to God for this inevitable call. It has been a long time, but the calling never changes. The call to bring people closer to Christ is overwhelming and huge. But my God is bigger – and that is more than enough.