The Joyful Suffering

The Joyful Suffering

A reflection on the book El Camino de Santiago by Mac de Leon, CFC FFL Fulltime Worker. El Camino de Santiago is a book written by our Servant General, Frank Padilla.

As missionaries it is important for us to evangelize and bring people closer to Christ. But it is important for us that we should never forget that Jesus is evangelizing us as well.

In our journey towards heaven, we as leaders and Holy Warriors of this community we are reminded by the Lord to experiences negativities because it is God’s way of building us and making us brave enough to even say yes more on mission. There are many difficulties in our missionary life, there are a lot of people who are difficult to take care of, does not listen or oftentimes not showing in assemblies anymore but again the Lord is reminding us just continue to love and care because He also loved and cared for us when in moments we do not listen to Him.

As servant leaders we must have a life of intense prayer. As we journey towards our ultimate prize we must have a personal and close relationship with our Glorious lover to overcome the battle of the evil one. Our calling is to be one with Christ and we as Holy Warriors for Christ is are to fight the evil one and through our life of intense prayer is our
weapon and defense against it. It is our privileged to suffer for the cause of Christ because pain allows us to grow and there is always love in pain. We should be reminded that we should not dwell on the pain but the good that pain brings.

Remember that the One whom we serve is constant, ever beautiful, ever true, just and ever faithful. As we journey towards our ultimate prize which is heaven, we as leaders have to bring all of our brethren to the finish line. We are to make it in the finish line with no one left behind.

In our journey towards heaven we have to be grateful for the little joys because these are the things that we will always remember whenever we experience struggle and hardships in doing mission. We are blessed to do this joyful suffering journey because this will allow us to grow to be the missionary that God wants us to be and reach our ultimate goal and that is going to our home base that is “heaven”.