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The Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement is a lay response to the New Evangelization. It is a movement for evangelization and renewal that is based in the parish. Its work is for, by and on behalf the parish. Its goal is to bring nominal Catholics back to active involvement in the Church, and to start to deepen the faith of those who are already in the parish.

The foundational program of LCSC is a Christian Life Seminar (CLS), by which Catholics meet Jesus in a personal way, start to live a life in him, and learn how to share him with others through person-to-person evangelization. It is particularly effective in reaching nominal Catholics and the grassroots, who are the majority of Catholics and who are not consistently active in the life of the Church. LCSC aims to bring Catholics into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, and to bring them back to an active life in the parish.

The CLS helps bring Catholics to transformation in Christ, with a continuing personal relationship with Jesus as Savior and Lord. There is a focus on living a life of holiness and discipleship, through God’s grace and empowerment by the Holy Spirit. Inputs are given for continuing growth in a life in Christ.

The CLS may be mounted over a weekend (1-1/2 days), or over 3 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays (half day of about 5-1/2 hours each), or over 9 consecutive days (about 2-1/2 hours each). After the CLS there is a monthly prayer assembly, for mutual support and encouragement, for continuing formation, and for helping Catholics to become evangelizers. Depending on the needs of the parish, LCSC also offers various formation programs–marriage enrichment retreats, youth camps, Liturgical Bible Study, Live Pure chastity movement, and various teaching modules.

Being a movement of evangelization and renewal in, of, by, for and within the parish, it is recommended that the first batches for the CLS be the parish leaders and workers, including the parish pastoral council (PPC) members. This way, parish workers are well informed about the program, and hopefully would support it as the parish does massive evangelization down to the grassroots.


Looking to the sleeping giant that is the Catholic laity, and looking to the majority of Catholics who are not committed in their life of faith, LCSC aims to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization, as we respond to the call to the New Evangelization in this third millennium.

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