(Part 96)


November 6, 2014

Today’s gospel:  Luke 15:1-10

In a twist on the parable of the lost sheep, the reality in the Church today is that it is the 99 that are lost, and only one who has “no need of repentance.” (v.7b). While the figures would change from place to place, the situation generally is the same. 75 no longer go regularly to church, and 24 are not living out an authentic Christian life, and so can be considered still lost. They have not truly met Christ, or do not live Christ, or do not share Christ. They do not strive, or do not even know about such call, to be saints, martyrs and warriors.

This is the sorry state of our Catholic Church today. Many parishes in the USA and the western world are closing. Many Catholics are being lost to born again groups, to evangelicals, to sects and even to cults. Many Catholics are participants in the culture of death. Even priests and bishops have become Modernist.

Now while the gates of the netherworld will not prevail against the Church, many souls will still be lost. In fact, when the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on earth?

What needs to happen is a more vigorous proclamation of the gospel, an aggressive seeking out of the lapsed Catholic, a concerted push to do massive evangelization. This should be done by the parishes, with parish leaders and groups acting in unity of purpose. None of them must be self-referential. One effective way of doing this is through LCSC.

Only when the 99, or at least many of them, are brought back to God and back to the Church will this work be done. Only then will there be “joy in heaven” (v.7a) and “rejoicing among the angels of God” (v.10).

*     *     *