The Mighty One has Done Great Things for Me! (A National Youth Day 2017 Reflection)

Ren Oray National Youth Day

By Ren Oray
CFC KFL Full-time Worker

National Youth Day is truly a Jesus experience! Jesus met us in our experiences in Zamboanga. There’s so many great things happened in my first NYD experience.

Before coming to the NYD in Zamboanga, my posture was to listen to Him to whatever He wants me to hear. That is why all my realizations was composed during sessions in the NYD. The sessions really wrap up all my good experiences in NYD 2017. On the first session we talk about I am FLAWED.

During the first session I realized that I am broken, but because of the grace of God I am blessed. Truly I am unworthy to be part of this NYD because the Lord still chooses me. Most of the people went to Zamboanga has their own brokenness and struggles. I was affirmed by the life stories of my co-pilgrims – they have their personal brokenness but they continue to serve God despite of that.

I also encountered a friend who is aspiring to become a priest. When I ask him why, he shared to me that it all began during the time of Zamboanga siege that happened 4 years ago. They we’re deeply affected by the crisis, but because of the priest who pastored them and didn’t leave them, he committed himself become a priest. His aim is to help many people by introducing Christ.

On the second session is entitled I am good and gifted. Truly, God is really good! And because He is good, He created us human also good and gifted. We are being given a gift from God that we can use to glorify Him. During the NYD 2017, I have the opportunity to glorify God through the gifts He has given me. It was a privilege to facilitate Live Pure forum during the NYD Run sharing the good news of chastity to the youth. I also used my gift of dancing during the animations! I represented YFL in the closing production on the last day of the NYD. God is really good that’s why He give us talent to glorify Him, and I’m so privilege to use it in NYD for His greater glory.

The last session was I am called to offer my life. All my experiences in this NYD 2017 is an opportunity to offer my life to God. I took the risk and left everything! In one of our procession, rain fell so hard and everyone is wet but the procession continued! No one left the line and continued to pray the rosary and sing for the Lord. It was definitely an awesome experience! We disregarded our health and our valuable belongings as we offer everything to God. We ended the procession with a mass at the Fort Pilar Shrine. The Zamboangenos say that Fort Pilar is a miraculous place because of the intercession of Mama Mary. It is Mama Mary who is our inspiration in giving our life to the Lord. She entrusted fully herself to Him.

All the things that happened during the NYD was life changing! In every step, the Lord met and spoke to me. What a privilege and a blessing indeed to be loved by God in the National Youth Day! All I can say is “The mighty one has done great things for me, and Holy is His name “ – Luke 1:49