The NEW FFL Shoppe: Signs and Wonders! The 31st CFC FFL Anniversary Celebration

The new FFL Shoppe was launched at the 31st Anniversary of CFC FFL last Sunday. FFL Shoppe will now be knows as the Signs and Wonders CFC FFL Shoppe or SW Shoppe. A much needed name change to show the bigger things that are to come for the social communications and merchandise arm of CFC FFL.

Signs and Wonders because we know that through our service in CFC FFL, we see miracles happen everyday, and through our own lives we become miracles to others. And these signs and wonders in our lives are seen in our whole lives: even the way we look, and what we wear.

The fashion show during the anniversary showed how even normal shirts can be made into corporate wear, party wear – you can wear our merchandise everyday, everywhere.

Pancho Lopez-Tan, head of the SW Shoppe, and Xavier Padilla, director of FLiQ Media, presented the concept behind the new SW Shoppe and excited the people for things to come. They also announced the winner of the Facebook campaign launched the week of the anniversary – John Philip dela Vega.

You can visit the website and our Facebook page to see the products, and the many ways you can use the SW Shoppe products.