The Top 30 Posts for 2012!

Yes, the year isn’t over yet, but we’d like to look at our 30 top posts for 2012! Read them again, and re-live the CFC FFL year 2012. Enjoy the last few days, and be sure to remember the reason for the season – Jesus. Not only the season, but the year, and our lives as well.

Sharing with you all… the top 30 posts for 2012!

(and if you want to re-visit 2011, go here.)

30. More FINALISTS at the 34th Catholic Mass Media Awards

29. Our Theme for 2013 (part 8 of ongoing explanation): Seek Good and Not Evil

28. Future Doctor stands up for LIFE!

27. Our Theme for 2013 (part 3 of ongoing explanation): Greater Things

26. Scott Hahn and CFC FFL USA.

25. The Year of Faith story of MeAnne Racoma.

24. CFC FFL at EDSA Rally against RH Bill.

23. 1st Live Pure Movement Conference.

22. Live for You album a CMMA FINALIST!

21. We said NO to LADY GAGA‘s concert in Manila.

20. Our Community’s support of Bishop Mercado.

19. The Year of Faith story of Cocoi Javier.

18. Prayers for those in the Biliran road crash, some of whom were CFC FFL members.

17. Our statement supporting Bishop Reyes’ call for nominal voting on the RH Bill.

16. The Live Christ, Share Christ Movement.

15. Our statement about the concert of Nicki Minaj.

14. Music watch!

13. From the Servant General: Love, Grace and Fellowship.

12. Our protest to the Manila Summit.

11. New CFC FFL Canada Country Servant.

10. The RH Bill: Paving the Way with Good Intentions.

9. The 31st Anniversary Show!

8. Missing the Point: Our stand on the revised RH Bill.

7. Our stand on the original RH Bill.

6. Bakit ko tinututulan ang RH Bill?

5. October 2012 issue of STT Magazine.

4. The New Evangelization in the Philippine Setting.

3. Our statement on PBB Teens.

2. Our theme for 2013!

And the top post of 2012:


We look forward to more stories, news, updates in 2013! Here’s to a great year ahead!

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