The Top 30 Posts for 2013!

Yes, the year isn’t over yet, but we’d like to look at our 30 top posts for 2013! Read them again, and re-live the CFC FFL year 2013. Enjoy the last few days, and be sure to remember the reason for the season – Jesus. Not only the season, but the year, and our lives as well.

Sharing with you all… the top 30 posts for 2013! (click if you want to re-visit 2012 and 2011)

30. Give a Drop of Love for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

29. Holiness, Love, Faith and Social Media by Michael Voris to YFL.

28. CFC FFL and the White Vote Movement.

27. 4th Quarter Household Topics.

26. Dylan Reyes as the new YFL Coordinator.

25. An Introduction to the 2013 Household Topics.

24. Details about the 32nd Anniversary Celebration.

23. Guidelines for the May 2013 National Elections.

22. CFC FFL Allowed in UAE and Oman.

21. Eyes on the Prize: WYD 2013.

20. Typhoon Relief Update regarding Visayas.

19. Pope Francis, who is he?

18. Our Theme for 2013.

17. Cities Bidding for WYD 2015.

16. 2013 Household Topic 3.

15. 2013 Household Topic 2.

14. BE.LI.EV.E. The CFC FFL Conference.

13. YFL Member in American Idol Top 20!

12. CFC FFL Theme for 2014: Empowered to Witness.

11. Stop the Greed! CFC FFL Statement against the Pork Barrel.

10. 2013 Household Topic 1.

9. New Country Servant for the Philippines: Lachie Agana.

8. CFC FFL and White Vote Endorsing 10+2.

7. Community Prayer for 2013.

6. CFC FFL Apostolic Board.

5. Flames of Love: A Movie on faith, guided by faith.

4. CFC FFL Philippines Servant Council.

3. 2013 Household Topics in the Year of Faith and the Era of the New Evangelization.

2. CFC FFL Endorses White Vote 6+3.

1. The New Evangelization in the Philippine Setting.

We look forward to more stories, news, updates in 2014! Here’s to a great year ahead!

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