The Top 30 Posts for 2014!

Yes, the year isn’t over yet, but we’d like to look at our 30 top posts for 2014! Read them again, and re-live the CFC FFL year 2014. Enjoy the last few days, and be sure to remember the reason for the season – Jesus. Not only the season, but the year, and our lives as well.

Sharing with you all… the top 30 posts for 2014! (click if you want to re-visit 20132012 and 2011)

30. A Letter to Families

29. CFC FFL Hong Kong Empowered to Witness

28. Happiness and Peace in the New Year

27. Deaf and Mute

26. Vibrant Worship

25. New Appointment to the CFC FFL Servant Council of the Philippines

24. Empowered to Witness

23. The Eucharist

22. Being an Apostle

21. New Appointment to the CFC FFL Apostolic Board

20. A Holy Restlessness

19. Rich and Poor

18. The Gospel of the Cross

17. The God Who Empowers.

16. True Discipleship.

15. Palawan Mission Update from the Life Coach

14. Tekwork Job Openings

13. The STT Bulletin for February

12. Called to be Servants

11. Gossips, again.

10. Family and Life Update Wins Best Website at 36th CMMA!

9. Our Theme for 2015.

8. The Laity in the Church’s Mission

7. Report and Reflection on the Extraordinary General Synod of Bishops.

6. Winners of the High Five Raffle.

5. What is the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops?

4. New Year Message 2014: Go Forth in Power

3. The No One In Need Movement info.

2. The Scandal of Division: On Pope Francis

1. The New Evangelization in the Philippine Setting (re-read!)