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June 24, 2013

Today’s reading: Isaiah 49:1-6



Today, the reading from Isaiah brings us back to our theme for 2011, the year when we were again brought to a crossroad. We are still at that crossroad, not quite having made the decisive move to move.

At that time, God offered us His very strength with which to carry on our mission. Our theme was “my God is now my strength!” (Is 49:5d). And what was that mission? It was to do massive evangelization. “I will make you a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” (Is 49:6c).

The reading from Isaiah indicated God’s eternal plan for us. We were destined for our mission. “Before birth the Lord called me, from my mother’s womb he gave me my name.” (Is 49:1b). God “formed (us) as his servant from the womb” (Is 49:5b). We were to bring people, especially Catholics, back to God and back to the Church. Our work was “that Jacob may be brought back to him and Israel gathered to him” (Is 49:5c). God used us in the power of His Spirit. “He made (us) a sharpened arrow” (Is 49:2c), using us as instruments to let His word penetrate into the very minds and hearts of people.

But all that was “too little, he says, for you to be my servant” (Is 49:6a). It was not just a question of serving Him, in the way that so many other religious groups are serving Him. There was something more, something more special, something more exciting. What we had accomplished before, what had already transpired, is small compared to what is to come. God did not only “raise up the tribes of Jacob” (Is 49:6b), the old CFC. God did not only “restore the survivors of Israel” (Is 49:6c), the remnant that is CFC-FFL. God intends to do more, to really be able to do rapid and massive evangelization to the ends of the earth.

This happens through the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement. This is why, at the decisive crossroad of 2011, at the time of transition, God poured out His strength upon us. It was for the purpose of the work that was to come.


Transitions are part of the history of salvation. We cannot just hold on to old wineskins when what is called for are new wineskins. Transitions do not belittle what went before, or even say that what follows is necessarily superior. Transitions actually build on what has gone before, and what follows is totally dependent upon what has been.

Moses was succeeded by Joshua. Elijah was succeeded by Elisha. John the Baptist was a precursor of Jesus. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit in his place.

God raised CFC. Out of CFC came the remnant that is CFC-FFL. Now CFC-FFL is privileged to bring LCSC to the whole Catholic Church.


Will we experience the strength of God in our life and mission? Will we be able to do rapid and massive evangelization which is our calling from the very start, nay, from all eternity? The way is already clear for us in CFC-FFL. It is the way of LCSC. God has already poured out His strength. But we need to grasp the vision, obey, and put our whole heart in the mission.

Are we ready to be the Lord’s servant, not insisting on our own way? Only then can we experience His strength. Only then can His glory shine forth in and through us (Is 49:3).


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