The Way of St. James

The Way of St. James

A reflection on the book El Camino de Santiago by Nieva Rupido, CFC FFL Fulltime Worker. El Camino de Santiago is a book written by our Servant General, Frank Padilla.

Faith. Total submission. Deep humility. These are the things that I’ve learned while reading Tito Frank’s book which teaches Servant Leadership.

Everyone is in a journey. A journey wherein we are tested but is never abandoned. In this journey, we are encouraged to open our eyes to truly see His works and to recognize His grace in the works He is entrusting to us.

Faith. We are entrusted with a task much greater than our own desire.

Despite of my unworthiness, the Lord still called me to become a part of something big. I was amazed that during the time that I was reading this book I was on mission and staying in a parish where St. James the Apostle is the patron saint. I strongly believe that in this Christian journey of being a servant leader, our faith allows us to recognize the divine intentionality in this world full of superficial coincidence. Our experiences were planned by the Lord and not mere chances.

You being faithful is your respond but always remember that God’s faithfulness does not require any prerequisite, therefore there is no place on earth that grace cannot reach us.

Total Submission. Life can do its worst to us, and we too can emerge victorious.

Sometimes we have wave of longings to abandon and some habits to purify. Indeed, saying no to the big and little things that make us happy is really hard but what I’ve discover is that it is harder not to follow and submit to His will for my life. Our submission to Him allows us to see our greatest desire (to be in His Kingdom) in this journey is in among us. Among us means the Kingdom is in our heart, in our reach, in our midst, and “it is within you when you fully submit yourself to Him”. Never forget to be persistent and determined because there is joy when we permit God to transform our sorrow to something really beautiful.

Deep Humility. We are in Christ therefore, we can overcome the world and all its hatred.

“Lord be my strength and my courage” has been my prayer since this year has started. Not mine but yours. Humility is one of the perfect signs of growth because you learn to rely on what He has stored for you.  We can never conquer the world alone, but if we learn to humble ourselves and recognize that everything is grace and grace alone, our God will surely hold our hand and together we will win and learn in this journey. In the process of acknowledging that I am nothing and surrendering myself to God as His willing servant I experienced His grace.

I wish to quote St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta for I truly believe that in this Christian journey we are should never lose our connection to Him. “If God answers your prayer, it is because God wants your faith to be strong. If God delays your prayer, it is because God wants you to wait patiently. And if God seems not listening to your prayer, it is because God is preparing what is best for you”

I wish to say it again, “God is preparing what is best for you”