The Youth want the Truth!

We are the youth.

Youth from all around the Philippines, and even all around the world. Youth from the campuses. From high schools. Youth from the provinces and from Metro Manila. Youth from the Sangguniang Kabataan. Youth from in and out of school. Youth from the shanties and youth from the villages.

And we KNOW the truth.

We know that we do not need the Reproductive Health Bill. What we need is good education, and good education that is affordable.

We know that we do not need free contraceptives. What we need is a healthy and clean environment. We need proper nutrition. We need REAL essential medicines, and contraceptives are NOT essential medicines.

We know that we do not need ten years of sex education. What we need are more opportunities to learn and improve ourselves to become morally principled leaders of the future.

The RH Bill will only waste the precious resources that we have for things that are not important. It will only promote a lifestyle that degrades the family and devalues human life.

We are all here because the Author of life chose life for us. Who are we to take life for granted. Especially life in the womb!

We stand with our Church in promoting the value of life from conception to natural death.

We stand with our pro-life legislators and will support them as they continue to serve the country in this regard. We call on more people to take that step and serve the country and protect life.

We stand with other youth who KNOW the truth and are willing to fight for this truth.

There is more to life than casual and safe sex!

And that is chastity and saved sex. Keep ourselves chaste, and save sex for marriage.

That is the real way to live a life of dignity and the only way to protect human rights.

We are the youth, the future of this nation.

We are taking this stand to show you that we care for our future.

We are committing to speak this truth and live this out in our own lives.


Grant Javier for CFC Youth for Family and Life

Joseph Tesoro for the Live Pure Movement


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  1. Amen young brothers and sisters! Strive for true transformation. It transform your whole being starting with your mind. And you'll never be decieved. This battle of the end times will be mostly about wisdom against deception. God bless you all.

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