(Myra M. Menguito, CFCFFL Education Ministry)

On September 17 and 24, 2011, CFCFFL, through its Education Ministry, had the opportunity to touch base with a private school.

St. Bridget School, an exclusive school for girls located in Quezon City, got in touch with CFCFFL through our brother, Bob Murga. They wanted us to conduct an activity that will strengthen the relationship between parent and child. Thus, the session, “Ties That Bind” was developed by the CFCFFL Education Ministry.

St. Bridget aimed the three-hour session for the two sections of their 3rd Year High School level. Thus, two Saturdays were allotted for each section. Jun and Nida Carandang of CFCFFL Novaliches District were quick to respond to the call to serve as the very able resource speakers.

The sessions began with short video presentations about the beauty of a loving relationship between parent and child. Jun and Nida processed the meaning of the videos beautifully, until they zeroed in on COMMUNICATION as the tie which truly binds the relationship between parent and child.

There were meaningful realizations after the talk. This was manifested through the sharings and reflections of the participants:

–        One widower touched the hearts of all when he shared about his challenges in raising her after her wife’s death.

–        One mom shared with animation and gusto how she maintains a healthy “barkada” relationship with her daughter, while maintaining mutual respect.

–        One mom who was observed to be seemingly cold and indifferent eventually found the grace to hug her daughter after seeing one touching video presented during the session

–        It was also very touching to see families in tight embrace after the parents prayed over their daughters, and vice-versa

Awed by the response of the students and parents, the school administration is looking forward to more formation sessions for the parents, teachers, and students. Once more, God opened a door for evangelization through education and the family.