To The Ends of the Earth – Mission in Buenos Aires

By: Giella Garcia Sanchez (MPC FFV MISSIONARY)


A week after arriving in Buenos Aires, Argentina, our host Tio Oscar Miranda gave us a tour of our neighboorhood.  I noticed a lot of youth (jovenes) and kids (niños) around.  I prayed to God that very day, to gave us a chance to bring them to community.


Weeks after, we were given an approval by our parish priest for Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, to start Jovenes y Niños Para Cristo.  Our mission team composed of Rudyger and Adrianna from Ecuador, Arvin and myself from the Philippines, were very blessed given this privilege.  After 2 Sundays of giving invitations after the mass, the Lord blessed us with 6 jovenes and 4 niños.  Amidst the discouragements that it would be quite difficult to gather them since it is winter and that they are generally hesitant to Church activities, we were so thrilled to start with 10.  The next week, 4 new members came.  And in the previous one that we had, 7 new members attended.  It is overwhelming to see them finding good friends in each other, and learning things through the sessions.


We will start with another Chapel, for Jovenes and Niños, in Capilla del Carmen, by August.  Currently, we are actively serving there as part of the choir.  A few days ago, we took part as well in the activity of the parish to go on mission, door to door, to bring Christ to every home.  It was an overwhelming experience, as some were very open, and some were very straight to the point in saying, “I do not believe in Christ”.  It gave us a chance as well to invite more to join CFC (Matrimonios Para Cristo) and the young ministries.


Currently, we are on the road of preparing for the upcoming Latin America Conference to be held here in Buenos Aires on October 28-30.


Even with the very cold weather we currently have here, we surely experience God’s warmth through every experience, through our host family and through everyone in the neighboorhood.  Truly, this mission is a gift from God!



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  1. Hi Giella and Arvin. Do you want to be connected with the Salesians in Buenos Aires? I have a very good friend and mentor who is now located in Buenos Aires… very open to laypeople – really warm character. His name is Fr Jaun Picca and he is currently the Director of our theological faculty. Email me if you so desire to contact him and engage him especially for the Solteros y Jovenes para Cristo

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