The Top 30 Posts for 2011!

Yes, the year isn’t over yet, but we’d like to look at our 30 top posts for 2011! Read them again, and re-live the CFC FFL year 2011. Enjoy the last few days, and be sure to remember the reason for the season – Jesus. Not only the season, but the year, and our lives as well.

Sharing with you all… the top 30 posts for 2011!

30. Sharing from Arvin Serra, on coming home from mission in Argentina.

29. Sharing from Xavier Padilla, FLiQ Media, on the World Youth Day

28. Song of CFC SFL Missionary, Kuh Belarmino: Be the change

27. Sharing of Chloe Lopez-Tan, CFC SFL Novaliches, on the World Youth Day

26. Servant General’s visit to Priests for Life headquarters

25. Reena Murga as the new International Coordinator of CFC Handmaids for Family and Life

24. Canada’s report on the iGod Congress

23. Sharing on the 40th Anniversary of our Servant General and his wife

22. News about our incoming USA Country Servant, Ed Yamba

21. What RH Supporters don’t want you to know

20. First Theology of the Body Congress in the Philippines

19. Touching story about Enrico Ponon, our member in prison

18. Sharing from Julius Eguia, CFC YFL Missionary, about the World Youth Day

17. Sharing from MM Napa, CFC SFL from Singapore, about our 30th Anniversary

16. Our Servant General’s objections to Fr. Bernas‘ Inquirer Article

15. I am alone, but not lonely – Menchie Donato

14. World Youth Day preparatory session

13. I am not your Average Rocker – Fred Diaz

12. Launch of YUP!

11. A report on the 2011 Country Servants Meeting

10. Sa totoo lang po… Anti-RH Bill campaign poster

9. New Leaders of the Young Ministries

8. Sharing from Tristan Valdenor, CFC FFL Michigan, about the Permissive Will of God

7. A recap of our 30th Anniversary – on to GOLD!

6. Our theme for 2012

5. Sharing from Theresa Santos, CFC SFL Washingto, about her mission trip to Nigeria

4. Video: We are CFC YFL

3. Our support of the Bishops at the Senate hearing

2. A sharing of Archbishop Soc Villegas about Missing Cardinal Sin

and the most popular post:

1. Our support of Bishop Tagle as being appointed Archbishop of Manila!


We look forward to more stories, news, updates in 2012! Here’s to a great year ahead!







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