Don’t know how to start but I would like to share to you how we are blessed by God from the time we became members of our community.
We became members of CFC in Oct. 1997. But every time we were asked to become household leaders, we turned it down.

In 1998, I got pregnant (CFC baby). My 5th pregnancy but our 6th baby because we had twins before this. Every time I’m having a baby, my husband and I prayed only for the swift recovery, good health of our new born child and me. We never bargained with God to give us a boy or a girl. But this time, as God entered our lives and since we were “active members” of the community, we dared to pray this time for a baby boy. God definitely answered our prayers. He is now 13 years old, the last and the ONLY boy.

By the year 2000, we received a scheduled interview letter from the Canadian Embassy. We were very excited, this was our dream. This was also the reason why we were not that responsive to become leaders in our chapter. At the time of the interview, it took only 15 minutes with the Immigration Officer and our applications were done and denied. I broke down in tears because we waited for that opportunity for 2 years. My husband told me that maybe God has a plan for us. And he realized how we turned down every opportunity of God’s invitation to serve Him with our community. And so, the next scheduled CLS, we volunteered ourselves as facilitators and became household servants. We were enjoying the responsibilities and so we were tapped to become KFL Chapter Coordinators and soon Team Leaders of a CLS.

November 2006 came and I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, stage 1B. It was a very sad day for all of us in the family, I was thinking about my 6 children who were still very young then, we were all crying. My husband and I were wondering why it was happening to us. But later on, after we prayed, we acknowledged this as how we were faithful to God and we put all our trust in Him. And so, I was operated on at UST Hospital. Then after a month, had 28 days straight of Radiation Therapy, 6-days scheduled of Chemotherapy and 3-scheduled days of Brachytherapy all done in St. Luke’s Hospital. I almost gave up the fight. Mon, my better half, was always with me, he poured out all his time just for me. Consoling, lifting me up, told stories that warmth my heart and made me laugh, encouraging me, and looking after our kids. Aside from these, he was always present in all activities of our community and told me once that he missed me a lot every time he attended gatherings and prayer meetings. He always prayed for me. Our only son, Clarence (KFL member), led the prayers of the Holy Rosary every night. It was a family prayer that made us more stronger, closer, united, with more loving and caring. After several months, Mon and I accepted the Chapter Servant Leadership of CFC-FFL Palmera Chapter, Cluster 6, District of Novaliches.

5 years have passed by and I always cherish on how GOD loves me, made me stronger and confident of His love. I am a living witness to all of His miracles and greatness. I appreciate all His gifts, big or small. I accepted all the trials because I knew that God always with us, listening to our prayers and answering all our pleas.

By the way, we’re now based here in Canada with our 6 children. How amazing His works, He arranged our lives in His own plan and time.

We thank all our bros and sisters who always pray and care for us.


And this is how we overcome.


Sis Nory Reyes
Mississauga, Ontario

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  1. Wow,this was such a very inspirational story!Me and my husband Leo was graduated from CFC-FFL this May 7,2011.before I become a member i turned this down for 3 years,maybe I wasn’t that ready yet to be a member.I told my friend that time will come or maybe in God’s time .it was really very happy in joining this community.We must not wait to face a big problem before joining,that is the way to serve our God….God bless!

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