(Part 70)


November 12, 2016

Today’s gospel:  Luke 18:1-8

Today’s gospel is about perseverance in prayer (v.1-8a). But there is a curious verse at the end, which seems like an out-of-place insert. “But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (v.8b). Then Luke goes on to write about prayer again, this time about humility in prayer, in the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector (v.9-14).

Verse 8a is wedged in between the two parables on prayer to emphasize the great need for prayer, as a necessity if we are to be kept from falling away from the faith. Jesus tells his listeners “about the necessity for them to pray always without becoming weary.” (v.1). They need to pray every day. They need to pray without ceasing.

Prayer is communication with God. Prayer is communing with God. Prayer is dialogue with God. Prayer is being in the holy presence of God. Thus prayer is crucial, if we are to grow deeper in our faith. This is why the very first item in our CFC-FFL covenant is to pray every day.

Then Jesus says, “Will not God then secure the rights of his chosen ones who call out to him day and night?” (v.7). What are our rights? As children of God, it is to be restored to the Father. As those who have been saved by Jesus, it is to spend eternity in heaven. This is about the justice of God, which gives to everyone what is their due. What is our due? Again, we are destined for eternal joy with our Father in heaven.

Pray, and pray without ceasing. “I tell you, he will see to it that justice is done for them speedily.” (v.8a).

*     *     *