Update: WWP Relief Operations for Typhoon Victims in the Visayas


Hello everyone!  From the news, we have seen the wrath and massive damage caused by the recent super typhoon in Tacloban and in many other areas in the Visayas.  Many have died and many have lost their homes.  We are tasked to respond as God’s community.

CFC FFL Work With The Poor (WWP) made an initial effort to check on how we can immediately connect and bring relief and assistance to our brethren in Tacloban and other affected areas.  Our CFC FFL Young Ministry Fulltime Workers are also trying to get information from among the people under their mission area assignments in the Visayas region.  There is difficulty in obtaining information due to the destruction of communication lines.  From the reports I received, Globe network has a very slight signal in the area.  Second, the roads and the Tacloban airport are still closed.  Based on news reports, hopefully, the roads will be opened today, but land travel remains a difficult option.  We are checking the possibility of transporting the relief goods via sea travel.

What we plan to do is to focus our initial relief operations on bringing food items. However, in reality I am not sure if we can buy food and other relief goods in the area.  Probably, the closest place where we can purchase these relief goods will be in Iloilo or Cebu, but again, we are not sure about the status of food resource in those areas.  Given these possibilities, the easiest way is to buy the relief goods in Manila and to look for ways how we can bring those to our brethren in Tacloban and other affected areas.

To brothers and sisters from all over the country and the world, please help us to raise funds to support our “Drop of Love” campaign for our many brethren affected by this typhoon.  Most importantly, please continue to remember in your prayers all the typhoon victims and all those involved in the relief operations.  Thank you and God bless the Philippines.

– Pat Oconer (CFC FFL Social Ministries Director)