Urgent Response

Urgent Response

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by DR Arellano

One afternoon, I was busing working on a talk for our congress. When I’m trying to focus on a task, I really isolate myself and stay focused. Then suddenly my phone rang. My mom was calling. I know that I’m doing an important job and it needs to be finished ASAP. But I also knew that my mom’s call is important. I sense the urgency to answer that call. I dropped what I’m currently doing and picked up the phone and answer her call. Why am I sharing this? It is because I believe, evangelization is the same as my mom’s phone call. Evangelization is a call and it is urgent.

We are all called to introduce Jesus to others. Every person longs for God. Every person needs God. The world needs to know that we need God.  But who will do it? We don’t have to look too far. It is us. Those who have known God. Those who have been blessed by God. Those who have been saved by God. We all have a story to tell. We all have our own Jesus-Encounters.

God can use anyone. Regardless of who you are. We are to remember that When God calls, He always equips. That’s why we don’t need to be afraid to say Yes and respond to the call to evangelize. There are a lot of things to be done and we need people who can stand up, be firm in faith and can really go out and proclaim the good news. Because evangelization can happen everywhere. It can happen in our own families, our friends, or even workplaces. We must have the zeal and passion for evangelization.

But evangelization is also difficult. Sometimes we will not be able to see the fruits. Sometimes we need to do it the hard way, and we will experience that we are never enough. But remember that God is in control. We need to rely on Him. He is the master fisherman. He will take care of us and will never forsake us. As we evangelize we also remember to stay connected to the master fisherman. We remain connected to the source. Rely on what He can provide, learn from Him.

As we serve the Lord, we also need to be vigilant because there are pitfalls that might bring us down. Our enemy doesn’t like us to evangelize that’s why Satan will always give us the reason to stop our mission so that God’s work can’t happen. Our pride, comfort zones, fear and selfishness are just some of the things that can hold us back in doing our mission. Therefore, we need to really be prepared not just physically but spiritually in this battle that we have.

Our hearts should be in the right posture when serving the Lord. Remember that to connect to God by strengthening our faith and trusting on Him. We also come before the Lord in humility and accepting our sins and short comings. As we serve, we abandon everything, leave everything behind just like what the first disciples did. We are to entrust everything to God. We give to God all that we’ve have. Lastly, we follow God. Be like Him. Be Jesus to others.

Evangelization is an urgent call for all of us. It is not an option but rather a command. We will serve the Lord with passion an conviction. This is our response. A response with urgency. Not tomorrow, but today.