US Training 2012

(by Joseph Tesoro, Young Ministries International Coordinator)

Last week we had our US fulltime worker (FTW) training in Hillside, New Jersey. The two new fulltime workers from the US and I stayed in our CFCFFL home office for one week. It was a week of prayer, learning and unlearning and bonding as well. We started our day with mass and receiving the body of the Lord to nourish us spiritually. Of course, after mass is always a hearty breakfast. Then we go through our training. Our day is always filled with talks, workshops, discussions and visioning for the US. It was a week of self discovery not only for the two US young min FTWs but also for me. For the lord always speaks through our every situation.

Being with new, up and coming FTWs always reminds me of the day i said yes and started to be a FTW for the Lord. I was so courageous. I was on fire. I was a man on a mission. It’s a great blessing indeed to be reminded of that day again by these two. Being fulltime for 10 years now, sometimes, i lose sight of the reason why i am here. The one and only reason why i said yes to the Lord, His unfailing love. It is His grace that i am reminded of this reason. I hope and i pray that i may never lose sight, that i may never forget. It is because of His love. Period.

May we never forget, may we be always reminded of the fervor of our first love!