Usapang Fam Min: Family Ministries Appreciation

“Usapang Fam Min: Family Ministries Appreciation”

Expected Attendees:

1. District Family Ministry Coordinators, all their coordinators for KFL, YFL, SFL, HFL, and SvFL.

2. District Servants

3. Regional/Provincial Area Heads and coordinators in provinces near Metro Manila are invited and highly encouraged to attend this important event.

Date and Time: Nov 25, 2011, Friday, 6-10pm.

Venue:  Layforce

We regret that we are holding this late in the day on a Friday, but this is the only day the venue (Layforce, which is reasonably priced) is available.


Thank you and God bless!

Bob & Reena Murga

CFC FFL Family Ministries

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