(Part 16)


December 16, 2014

Cardinal Reinhardt Marx is the chair of the German bishops’ conference, is one of Pope Francis’ key advisors, and is a progressive in the German Church hierarchy. The German Catholic bishops, certainly with some exceptions, have a reputation as one of the most liberal Catholic episcopates in the world.

As to Cardinal Marx’s assertion that the live-in relationship of two homosexuals over 35 years must have some value, I say, no, it has no value whatsoever. It is sodomy, a grievous sin. It is an abomination, a severe distortion of the natural order. It leads to the loss of their souls. It is a disservice to Catholics to insist on some good in such a relationship. This becomes supportive of the homosexualist cause and gender ideology, which are wreaking havoc on faith, family and life.

The doctrine will change? Change two-millennia doctrine in order to accommodate the diabolical work of the enemy? Revise the gospel as proclaimed by Jesus Christ and the Church Fathers? Once again, no. And of that I have no doubt.


(This is part of the report of Hillary White for LifeSiteNews)

At the Synod, Marx placed himself as a lead voice in favour of paragraphs in the mid-term document calling for the Church to “accept and value” the homosexual “orientation”. At a Vatican press conference, Marx said, “Take the case of two homosexuals who have been living together for 35 years and taking care of each other, even in the last phases of their lives. How can I say that this has no value?”

Expanding, Marx continued, “Saying that the doctrine will never change is a restrictive view of things … The core of the Catholic church remains the Gospel, but have we discovered everything? This is what I doubt.”

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