What an amazing EYC it was!

(by Cathrine “Catze” Chalupka)

Inspiring, touching, funny but most of all awakening and reviving. Reflecting over the whole event and the past year I believe we all realized that we could’ve done so much more to really live LIFE to the fullest, to choose LIFE above anything else. In a world ruled by materialism and hedonism, most especially in Europe we easily forget that REAL LIFE is more than just having the most expensive clothes, the bestest cameras and the biggest TVs. All those things, once we have them don’t really make us happy, but we don’t like to see it that way. We don’t see that our possessions just give us temporary happiness and that we feel alive with them just for a short amount of time. Is this what we call “real” life? Life that only consists of short moments of happiness? We are misdirected and mistaken. REAL LIFE starts with MEETING CHRIST. Meeting Christ in everyday life between the highs and lows of life is the most important thing and it all starts with getting in touch with the Lord and most importantly with keeping in touch with Him. Encounters with the Lord are encounters we never will forget, why, because they are life-changing. They don’t give us things that we can touch with our hands or see with our eyes but they touch: touch our hearts, captivate our souls and conquer our whole beings. Once we understand the importance of meeting Christ in our lives we automatically start to LIVE CHRIST. It’s like falling in love. Whenever we fall in love we do things out of love in a loving way. We try to do the same things that love does. Christ is love: Love in its purest being. We meet Christ and fall in love with Him. As we explore the wonders of God’s love and God Himself, He takes us in and changes us and what else could we do as to give in to the Lord’s charms?

We have a share in the biggest mystery of life which is God’s love. And it’s so truly wonderful that we MUST NOT keep this mystery to ourselves. We as God’s people need to let the unknowing know that there is Christ, indeed we have to SHARE CHRIST. What is love when not shared?

But how does SHARING CHRIST start anyways? It is really simple. It starts with the easiest thing we all are capable of doing – it starts with a simple SMILE. With a simple SMILE the greatest lovestories started, with a simple SMILE we even changed a person’s bad day into a better one without us even knowing about it. To SHARE CHRIST is our mission as “mystery-keepers” of God and truly the rewards that God has in store for us in heaven will be beyond our craziest imaginations.

It was a great time. This year’s congress took place in the wonderful city of Lübeck which is close to Hamburg in Germany. Over 200 young people came together to worship and praise the Lord. We were all prepared. Prepared for all the competitions starting with sports up to dance, video, unplugged and band we were on the way to Germany. What I love about the congresses is that they leave a big impression in the hearts of our members that even keep them coming to the following congresses and awaken desires to be more than “just” a member. Looking at the participants of this year’s EYC I could see so many potentials, so many members with pure hearts trying to fathom out God’s plans for them. I love being with them, without them knowing they inspire me to continue my work for them. They let me see how important it is to keep on going Christ’s way even when the world’s way seems to be easier. As they listened to the sessions and attended the workshops they were prepared for the probably most important moment of this year’s congress. The plan was to let them recommit to let Christ enter their hearts, to LIVE CHRIST again, but before that Kuya Cocoi gathered us leaders and gave us a “MINI-SESSION” where we had the chance to choose again – to be commited leaders or to step down as leaders. While listening to what Kuya Coi told us in the mini-session something he said really hit me hard that tears started running down my cheeks. He told us that we leaders of YFL Europe are privileged to SHARE CHRIST with all the people and that our possibilities are infinite, if only we would use what we have, we could truly move mountains with God using us as instruments. We could guide the members and make them see what we saw a long time ago, the great things the Lord has made that made us want to be commited leaders.
And then there was the Commitment-activity of the congress for all the other participants. We leaders were provided candles to light the candles of the members who decided to commit to God again. “The Stand” (originally by Hillsong) was being played by the Euroband during the reflection and we leaders were honoured to witness all the members, one-by-one standing up and approaching us leaders to light their candles. I watched the members of my delegation when I saw most of them standing up one by one approaching us to light their candles and I was so touched to see how devoted they actually are and that they want to seek the Lord and learn to love the Lord. My eyes were filled with tears when I looked at the ones who remained seated. But the feelings that I had for them were not feelings of sadness, I had feelings of gladness and love for them even more because I could see how honest and pure in heart they were and how they reflected over the commitment. Eventually all of them – to my happiness – stood up and approached us to light their candles and that was the moment were tears ran down my cheeks again. Tears of happiness kept on flowing that second night of the congress.

It is really easy for us to forget God amidst all the daily stress we face. And most of the times giving up our commitment to Christ is the easiest thing to do for it doesn’t require much, it just requires us to STOP. Stop talking to God, stop serving in Church and community and this is an easy thing to do. But easy doesn’t necessarily mean better, easy doesn’t necessarily mean good. Too easily and too often we take God for granted. He is not someone we can actually see with our eyes, He is not someone we can touch with our hands. But He is THE someone our hearts can see, our soul desires and our mind needs to overcome the trials we have in our life. He could be our best friend if only we let Him be part of our life. He is the one who will never stop loving us, no matter how often we hurt, neglect, forget or ignore Him. He won’t ever give up on us and He will keep on knocking on our door until we open and let Him in again. He is the bestest friend and Father we have and He will surely continue to make us fall in love with Him. And eventually we will. And our LIFE as we know it will never be the same again.

Living the bestest LIFE we could possibly live with Christ on our side.

Praise God for a successful EYC.

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  1. Thank you so much for your inspiring and motivating messages and testimony,I am so touched and made me cry for joy to meditate how faithful GOD to us..HIS unconditional LOVE.Praise GOD!!!!!

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