WHC Yangon Choose Life in a Heartbeat!

(by:  SIDA J, CFC HFL Thailand)

CFC-FFL Yangon, Myanmar group photo after the PraiseFest 

The echo of WHC 2012 “Choose Life in a Heartbeat” was well attended with over 100 participants majority Handmaids, but also included Singles, Servants, Couples, Youth and Kids. Three talks were given: Talk# 1 “The Sweet Life (La Dolce Vita)” by Sis. Sida; Talk# 2 “Alive But Lifeless” by Sis Emy and Talk# 3 “Crossing Over” and “Choose Life In A Heartbeat” by Sis Marichu.

The talks were given in English and translated into Burmese by Sis Lucy, HFL Yangon. It was amazing that during the talks there was full participation especially from the Handmaids, who brought their Bibles and were very quick to read the Bible verses in Burmese language as referenced by the speakers’powerpoint presentation which saved time in translation.

Sis Monica HFL Yangon was the emcee, and FTW Sis Roselyn ,SFL Yangon led the Music Ministry; Bro. Joseph took charge of the sound system and projector. Sisters Liz and Rhodalyn from Thailand were multi–asking as they took charge of the powerpoint presentation, acted as photographers, and joined the music ministry. We also enjoyed the Burmese food lunch that were brought by our Brethren as pot luck.

CFC-HFL Thailand Sisters Sida and Liz with SFL Sis Rodalyn went on mission to Yangon to support our elders from Manila, Sisters Marichu and Emy, to echo the WHC 2012 “Choose Life in a Heartbeat”  to the brethren in CFCFFL  Myanmar