Why do I want to go to the World Youth Day?

294842_10150290644098648_679068647_7466554_307138_n(by Ina Gasgonia)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and this is exactly what my heart feels every chance I’d get in recalling memories of the World Youth Day in Madrid almost two years ago. Today, the long walks, the beautiful sites in Spain, the unforgettable food, the friends I made, the chants hollered, the inspiring sessions, and the overwhelming presence of the Pope are all but a dream sequence recurring repeatedly in my mind, but one thing remains – Jesus pierced through my heart, over and over again through those two weeks of pilgrimage, and it changed me for good.

Now that we are given another opportunity in CFC FFL to experience such a life – changing event in Brazil this time around, who wouldn’t want to dare believe that experiencing the World Youth Day is indeed possible again? Like a little girl begging her father to bring her to Disneyland, I prayed really hard whether my ardent desire to go to Rio was God’s ultimate plan for me in 2013. Amidst the financial realities I had to overcome and with the fire of the Holy Spirit encouraging me, I decided to step out in faith and apply one more time.

If God brought me to Madrid, He can also do the same this year if it is His will. Like any other act of faith, I just need to believe and to take that step into the unknown.

It is my heart’s greatest desire to go to the World Youth Day in Rio this year. I am certain that this pilgrimage will be a source of great inspiration and empowerment as I continue to take on God’s work in the Live Pure Movement. More so, I believe that this faith journey is an expression of my deep love for God and my desire to live for His cause. I want more of Jesus in my life, and I just know that I will encounter Him in Rio in a way which will change my life for His greater glory. Finally, three of my closest friends from High School will be joining this pilgrimage as well, and it would be an honour if God would allow me to accompany them in this faith experience and be able to share with them the zeal I carry in my heart for the Gospel.

From here on, I completely surrender to God this dream, of going to the World Youth Day, I so treasure in my heart. I am confident that if I am with Christ and am for Christ, then who could go against me?

To Rio 2013 – so be it. All this is for God’s greater glory.       

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