Why do I want to go to World Youth Day 2013 Rio?

dona(by Donalyn Culala)

I wasn’t able to be part of the World Youth Day Madrid and that’s one of my biggest regrets in my life because of the reason that my vacation leave at work that time wasn’t approved by my boss and after that I promised to myself that on the next World Youth Day no matter what happen I will not miss it and I will be part of it.

When the World Youth Day Rio was already announced I’m very excited for it and claiming that I will be there and I will be a part of it. I heard so many stories from the people who went to World Youth Day Madrid and that what excites me the most for the World Youth Day Rio.

There’s so many reason why I want to go, first thing is I really want to see our Holy Father, the Pope himself in person it’s just that if I see the Pope I think I also see God face to face. Second thing I want to experience God even more in a different way and through different people, with different nationality and different languages all over the world. It really amazes me when I see people who have so much in love with God.

When I first heard the World Youth Day I just know deep inside my heart that it would be another life changing experience that you will never ever forget. Even though I still had my uncertainties right now like how can I be there? How can I raise funds? Etc. I will just continue to hold on to the only certain thing that I have and that is God and His beautiful plan in my life.

The Lord answers the desires of our heart and this is my heart desire, I really want this more than anything else. By the grace of God I will be able to go to the World Youth Day Rio!

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