Why do I want to go to WYD?

wyd (1966)(by Maan Palma)

Last 2011 was my first time to attend the World Youth Day, and it was really life changing. Seeing and really being part of it made me realize how I am really a part of a bigger church. It was so surreal meeting other people with different languages and nationalities but having the same passion to serve and love God and the people that he loves. Language nor color does not matter, as long as they speak one language which is love, we can understand one another.

I can’t really quantify it but I know deep inside that something changed. It may be with the people that I interacted with, the Days in the Diocese I had with Sierra de Fuentes, the catechesis that we attended or my time alone with God, but all I know is that my perspective has changed.  Some of the realizations were not even instant as it became a long tedious journey with God. It is not as I hoped it would be, but one thing is for sure, it has made me a better woman of God. It made me a woman more in love with God, with more zeal to get to know Him.

Before it ended I prayed that may God grant me an opportunity for me to go back again.

Towards the end of last year, the opening of the registration was announced. The desire for me to attend was reignited but I know that work would pile up if I leave and I don’t have enough funds to be able to attend another WYD so I was really thinking if I should go or not. Towards the end, I was leaning towards not going as I know that there are many challenges that I have to face along my way.

But then towards the end, God made me remember the prayer that I muttered before the end of the WYD. He, also, made me remember all the things that I thought that were impossible that he made possible. Big or small, if He wills it, it would happen but I just have to put my faith into it. But first, He needs me to trust that He can do it.

Towards the end of my prayer time I felt that his message to me is for me to “play the better part”. With this, I remember the story of Martha and Mary where Jesus told Martha that it was Mary who played the better part. I realized that now, although so many things are to be done, I should play the better part and that I should stop and listen to Him first.

With Him on my side, am plunging to another near impossible thing and hope for the best. I know if God wills it then He would bring me to it. I know that the Martha side of me is still on full battle gear mode but I know what God is telling me to do. And right now, I am choosing to play the better part.

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