Why Do I Want to Live Pure?

(by Jason Austin Dorego)

As a 15 years old teenager, there are always temptations around you, temptations that lurk and urge you to commit them. What makes it harder is there are people that encourage us to commit these so called temptations. It is inevitable for us to avoid all the urges, the sins and the unjust things. I, Jason Austin Dorego, was encouraged to take part on the “Live Pure” movement which occurred in the 24th of October 2011. At first I was hesitant to get involved because I wasn’t so sure it would help at all, especially, if there are a lot of bad influences all around us, particularly kids around our age. How can we live pure with what media shows us? How can we live pure when people talks about immoralities? How can we live pure when there are sinful things we see other people does? I asked myself “am I really suppose to be here?”

During the talks, we were thought the difference between lust and love and what the definition of love is, according to the bible. Although my mom always talked to me about these types of things, this topic really caught my attention. Like most teenagers I also fall for a person, and like most teenagers I suffered when things didn’t work out. I realize what love is not all about. I realize that love is not just about the great affection you feel for someone. And most of all, I realize that love is worth the wait. Furthermore, before I want this event, I questions in my mind to what they say about sins. What my personal opinion used to be was: “is it just called a sin when it’s naturally immoral?”, and as I sit there listening to the talks, I realized that sins has deeper stories behind them, that it’s not just naturally immoral, but it because of other reasons. One simple example is the sin of lust; I was wondering how lust became a sin when you’re doing no harm to a person, and then I become conscious that lust is giving into temptation and according to the bible temptation is evil. So if you use the transitive property just like we do in math, lust = temptation and temptation = evil, therefore lust is evil, which makes it a sin. But the most important lesson was, love is worth the wait, that it should not be rushed, that love will be better if you your patient.

As I sit there listening to the discussion, I questioned myself, “why do I want to live pure”, and when we were asked to share our personal reasons to live pure and be chaste, I stood up and shared. “For many years”, I said, “I’ve always seen broken families, abandonments, couples cheating on each other, and family conflicts. As for me, I grew up without a dad, and that made me want to be a better person. I know how hard my mom works to support me and my studies. So when I grew up and when I found someone and have children, I want to be somebody who can support them, to take care of them, and to always be there for them even in the toughest times. I want to show my mom that even thought without a father to help her; she helped me shape into a person who is better than my dad was.”

This live pure movement made me realizes the greatest things in the world. As I mentioned earlier, I had doubts on participating. But now, I know that we can live pure if we have faith in God, we can live pure if we ask for his strength to help us, and we can live pure when we want to. And yes, I was supposed to be there.