Why I want to go to the WYD2013?

318679_2015101137786_7117172_n(by Joy Aguila / CFCYFL Full Time Pastoral Worker)

I want to go to the World Youth Day 2013 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil because I want to see, to listen, to learn and to love.

First, I want to see Pope Benedict XVI once again. Being in the presence of the Pope is life changing and unexplainably awe-inspiring and I pray to be able to have this special encounter with him once more.

Second, I want to be able to grow more sensitive to the Lord’s leading and Spirit this year, to be able to listen to God more; and I pray to grow in this desire throughout this whole journey of WYD preparations up until the WYD experience itself.

Third, I want to learn more, to widen my perspective towards my mission work and my Catholic faith and to deepen my faith and prayer life through all that I will encounter, hear and experience in Brazil.

Fourth, I want to be able to understand the love of the Lord in a deeper way through this experience. I want to know Him and His love more that I may be able to love and serve Him, in the truest sense of what love is, all the more. This year of faith, I am in excited anticipation of how God will make me understand His love differently and I hope to concretely experience this during this event.

Yes, I want to fall deeper in love with the Lord through the World Youth Day 2013.

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