Work with the Poor’s 1st Livelihood Project

The Heaven’s Harvest Marketing Cooperative and WWP Livelihood programs for a Sustainable WWP Community Development

(By: I.S.Bonjibod, WWP Community Development)

Initial Product: Bottled Tomato Salsa

In our interaction with people in depressed areas, we realized that there is a need for opportunities for livelihood that can sustain their needs and the needs of their community. Providing them with such opportunities can help alleviate their plight and this will lead to available resources for them to  care for their communities.

With the view of promoting livelihood programs at  CFCFFL Work With the Poor sites, 16 WWP coordinators banded together last December of 2010 to form a cooperative, the Heaven’s Harvest Marketing Cooperative (HHMC). This was done primarily to promote and sell products to be produced at our Restoration or Mission Villages (RV/MVs).

Next, a Livelihood forum, with focus on entrepreneurial training, was conducted by the WWP Livelihood core group (also the same persons behind HHMC) for the RV/MV leaders last July 2011. The forum was intended to train them how to handle prospective livelihood endeavours at their respective sites.

While the marketing cooperative was being formed, a pilot livelihood project was already conceived. A tomato salsa project was recommended. A sample production run was made last December 2011 to test the output. After some adjustments, the tomato salsa product is now ready to market (with matching nachos). These are available starting at the CFCFFL Baguio Conference this January 2012. Dealers are welcome.

The tomato project is from one site. Livelihood programs for other sites are in the pipeline. A cooperative ‘bigasan’ structure is already under construction at our RV at Valenzuela. This was funded through the help of CFCSFL of Norway. A similar ‘bigasan’ is also planned at our Mangyan Village at Mindoro. A pharmacy livelihood project to complement the RV health clinic at Novaliches is also planned. There will be many obstacles, but as in the initial tomato project, God will guide us through.


Salsa production team at Pandi