World Youth Day 2013 Details from CBCP

As announced by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, at the Closing Mass of the World Youth Day (WYD) 2011 in Madrid, Spain, the next international gathering of young people will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 23-28 July 2013.   Its theme will be:

“Go and make disciples of all nations” [Mt 28:19]

The Episcopal Commission on Youth is pleased to send you information about this event and its plans for a delegation from the Philippines, called the ECY-PHILIPPINES.  Please find the following attached:

1.      ECY & WYD2013 Primer – a document which we kindly ask you and the leaders of your diocese/organization/school/community (or its equivalent) to read thoroughly and understand, especially if you will allow a group of pilgrims from your origin to join the ECY-Philippines;

2.      ECY-Philippines Sub-Group Registration Form – a form that the Sub-Group Leader from your origin must accomplish in order to register a Sub-Group.

Sending a delegation to the WYD2013 in Brazil will be beneficial for young people.  It is an event of the Church that is truly life-changing, as it comes at a time when young people are about to make big decisions in life.  For this WYD2013, Pope Benedict XVI challenges young people to be enthusiastic witnesses of the new evangelization.  We hope those who will join this event will undertake this challenge with great conviction and become joyful missionaries in their families and circles of friends, in their communities and in the bigger Church.

I remain deeply grateful for your esteemed support to youth ministry.  May we continue collaborating earnestly through the WYD2013.


Fraternally in Christ,



Bishop of Legazpi

Chairman, Episcopal Commission on Youth


Please contact us for information about CFC FFL going to the WYD by clicking here.