World Youth Day preparatory session for CFC FFL (part 1)

Our CFC FFL Philippine delegation to the World Youth Day held their preparatory session on Saturday at the CFC FFL Home Office in Starmall. This is one of the requirements of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth to be able to equip the Philippine delegates for the WYD experience.

Our delegation of almost 40 people braved the strong and sudden downpour of rain to be able to attend the session. The preparatory session consisted of explaining the history of the relationship of Spain and the Philippines, different games and interactive sessions for the delegates and their sub-groups, watching videos of past WYD, and the reading of the letter of Pope Benedict XVI to all youth.

There were many stories of God’s providence and promise in the delegates being able to find funds for their tickets to go. And about the generosity of relatives, friends and the community members of CFC FFL. There was not a dry eye in the room when these were being shared.

Our delegation leaves on August 9 via Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong, London and then Madrid. And then from Madrid, goes straight to the Days in the Diocese in Corria-Caceres. They will be able to visit Fatima in Portugal, since it is only 3 hours away from Corria-Caceres. After a week, they will proceed to Madrid to take part in the celebration of the WYD with the Pope.

Part 2 of the preparatory session happens on the weekend before the August 9th departure of our delegation. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

(for more pictures, go to Facebook)

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