World Youth Day preparatory session for CFC FFL (part 2 of 2)

This weekend saw the final preparatory session for all the World Youth Day delegates of the Philippines. It was held in Poveda, and hundreds of official delegates came from all over the Philippines to participate.

Our own 3 sub groups came in full force: CFC SFL, CFC YFL 1 and CFC YFL 2. More than 40 delegates from our community!

Day 1 had topics to deal with the emotional and spiritual readiness of the pilgrims. Such as purifying their intentions, revisiting significant moments in Philippine Church history and being firm in the faith no matter what. Our delegates even had a minor event in regards to pro-life issues, and standing up for life in all it’s forms even amidst great opposition. We are very proud of our delegates!

Day 2 had more practical matters such as clothes to bring, places to go and schedules to keep.

On Monday, the fulltime pastoral worker delegates will be prayed over before they embark on final arrangements for the trip. And on Tuesday, majority of the CFC FFL delegates will leave for Spain. Continue to pray for all of them, as they pray for the community and the country.

The Philippine CFC FFL delegates will also have an assembly with co-community members from around the world who will be going to the WYD. Delegates from Malawi, Peru, Costa Rica, India, USA, and all over Europe.