WYD is all about meeting and sharing Jesus

Me and WYDMadrid(by Julius Eguia)

Through God’s grace I was able to go to WYD Madrid 2 years ago, and it was a very inspiring moment for me, one of the highlights of my life. There’s a lot of things I can share through that experience and lot of learning as well. World Youth Day was something I never dreamed to be part of, it was like a normal happenings of the Church for the youth before. But God, allows me to experience it in Madrid, and yes, He was really present there. He is present to all the pilgrims, all the places, local people etc. and I want to experience Him again in WYD Rio.

I got in love more with the Catholic faith and the Church! Our faith is really rich and I pray that everyone would realize that. I want also to see again the Pope! His aura is really something, you can really feel Jesus in Him, and I would love to see Him again now I am 2 years now being a missionary, it’s like you are doing courtesy call to Jesus. And this experience really affirmed me of my calling to be His missionary!

WYD is all about meeting and sharing Jesus to everyone in different parts of the world!

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