WYD Rio 2016: Our delegation assignments

Some of our delegates’ roles during WYD (so watch out for them on the live broadcasts):

CFC Singles For Family and Life will be one of the 4 subgroups helping out at the Catechetical Site during the WYD.

At the Opening Mass, some of our delegates will be carrying the Youth Cross:
SFL – Eduard Ong, Dyan Reyes, Joy Cerdon, Kat Iquina
CFC Youth for Family and Life – Luis Magtibay, Ayana de Ocampo

At the Papal Welcome, Paul Tropicales will be holding the flag of the Philippines on the stage.

At the Vigil with the Holy Father, delegates will greet the Holy Father at Ground Zero (bottom of stage):
SFL – Jhune Love Reyes, Willa Marie Tan
YFL – Fyron Umali

And at the Podium (onstage):
YFL – Hannah Hirang

Keep them in your prayers!